Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Seventeen

Of all of those Big Questions axial to abstract concepts that beleaguer life, the cosmos and everything, the realms of canon and religions and the attributes of deities abide to fascinate. Opinions breed in books, articles, videos, conversations in confined and pubs, and in actuality anywhere and everywhere two or added bodies are in proximity. There’s the pro side; there’s the anti-side. There aren’t too abounding fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the afterward $.25 and pieces illustrate.

Regarding Religion

*Any adoration (i.e. – Islam) that protests with acute abandon adjoin satire, is a appealing afraid religion, and a appealing petty religion.

*If one comprehends the fallacies of any one religion, one comprehends them all. (via Christopher Hitchens)

*There’s no such affair as a adoration of peace, or a above adoration that is peaceful, by analogue or according to history. Demands that you accept the impossible, and anyone abroad to accept something abroad that’s absurd and that’s mutually exclusive, do not advance to peaceful solutions.

*Geography; bounded area is the best anticipation of what your adoration is acceptable to be, not theology.

*Theists charge to acquaint us what they believe; why they accept it; what is their affirmation that supports those beliefs; and why should their affirmation for their behavior argue non-believers?

*Religious apprenticeship teaches you what to anticipate instead of how to think.

*If a Christian asks an agnostic “why don’t you accept in Christianity?”, afresh the accessible antiphon is, “why don’t you Christians accept in Allah and in Islam?”

*Back off and attending at your acceptance and your adoration as if you were an alien and see if it makes any sense. Would you of your own chargeless will accept called that acceptance and that adoration searching at aforementioned from an alfresco perspective?

*If your God or god cannot argue outsiders that he is the one accurate God or god, afresh that doesn’t allege able-bodied for his almighty abilities now does it?

*Attention Accurate Believers: Name me a god or celestial that you don’t accept in and afresh explain why you are an agnostic with account to acceptance in that god or deity. Now administer that aforementioned account to your own best of god or deity.

*It’s advancing that the majority of bodies still tend to accessory chastity with religion. It’s harder to appreciate that adoration in this (not unique) era of religious conflicts and religious aggressive agitation and the animal corruption of accouchement by the clergy, etc. continues to be so carefully absorbed to morality.

*Each religion’s angelic book(s) claims to be the complete truth, the accomplished accuracy and annihilation but the truth, yet all angelic books in allotment or in total, are mutually exclusive. Something is aberrant somewhere.

*People wish to apperceive what the apostolic accuracy is, just as continued as that accuracy correlates with their already perceived accuracy on all apostolic matters.

*Religions abode acceptance over reason. Acceptance is their be-all-and-end-all.

*If you are subjected to a absolutely afflicted actuality (think Big Brother and “1984″ but in reality) at atomic you can die and escape that existence. The Bible and the Koran don’t accord you that option.

*Genital anamorphosis is alone a religious mandate.

*Mythology is just somebody else’s religion, not of advance your religion.

*Religious bodies affirmation adeptness even admitting they can’t possibly apperceive what they anticipate they know.

*You can’t adapt after-the-fact angelic books to annihilate the inherent cool elements independent aural them.

*Some bodies accept they are bigger than the blow of us just because they accept God on their side.

*”That’s offensive” does not aggregate a accurate argument.

*People acclimated to be polytheists and afresh they downsized and their behavior acquired into monotheism. Conclusion: Accustomed that trend, bodies are accepting afterpiece and afterpiece to the complete accuracy about the complete amount of deities.

*Don’t overlook all of you macho Islamists, that with your 72 virgins you aswell get 72 mothers-in-law!

*Religion itself is not the acceptance that there is a God but rather adoration is the acceptance that God tells you what to do. (via Christopher Hitchens).

Regarding Adoration vs. Science

*If astrometry isn’t accustomed according time with astrochemistry in the classroom and abracadabra isn’t accustomed according time with allure in the classroom afresh creationism / able architecture shouldn’t be accustomed according time with evolutionary analysis in the classroom.

*Science agents don’t beating on abbey doors ambitious that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution be accomplished in Sunday academy classes but the fundamentalist bourgeois clergy / evangelists beating on the doors of science classrooms (will in actuality through accompaniment apprenticeship boards) and appeal that creationism / able architecture be accomplished in schools.

*Do not accept the acknowledgment afore you ask the question.

*If something is alien afresh it’s alien and you can’t accredit any accuracy amount to it.

*Sometimes the adeptness to catechism (science) is far added important than accepting all the answers (religion). (via Grant Steves)

*If the accustomed cannot explain something (at this point in time), accordingly theists affirmation the abnormal accept to be the explanation.

*A brace of months ago I abounding the burial of an old friend. Yet, endure anniversary I saw him canyon by on the adverse ancillary of the street. Dozens of added bodies saw him too. Alas, I don’t accept their names and I never saw my allegedly adored acquaintance anytime again. You accept me, right?

*If you accept that the Cosmos exists with you in mind, afresh you accept a rather anytime aggrandized assessment of yourself.

*What’s your religious ascendancy for adage that you apperceive something that I don’t apperceive and I don’t anticipate you absolutely apperceive either?

Regarding Acceptance & Belief

*Faith over acumen and evidence: The a lot of important of questions, like why are we actuality and what do we do and what is the acceptation of our lives, they (the religious accurate believers) say that all of these issues accept to be absitively after evidence; they accept to and just accomplish an ambiguous assertion(s), and afresh they accept to appeal account for their abstract / apostolic position. (via Christopher Hitchens)

*Faith isn’t about compassionate things.

*There seems little point in assertive in something (i.e. – Jesus) just because you get all balmy and down-covered over the abstraction and that it makes you feel acceptable if you can’t in actuality certificate that what you accept in is in fact, factual.

*Once you in actuality accept something is accurate (whether it is or not), that in itself stops you from advancing the affair further. So you adeptness in actuality accept something is accurate if it’s not accurate and not bother to adjust your misconception.

*Your behavior doesn’t abide in a vacuum. They accept complete after-effects for yourself and for others.

*Faith agency never accepting to say that you were wrong.

*There’s no point in accepting acceptance that Superman can fly faster than a dispatch bullet; can angle animate in his bald hands; is added able than a adaptable and can apprenticed alpine barrio at a individual apprenticed until you aboriginal prove or at atomic accord affirmation that Superman in actuality exists.

*If you accept in the actuality of God afresh you should be able to present a logically articular altercation forth with some empiric affirmation in adjustment to absolve that belief. If you can’t and you still accept afresh there’s something actively amiss with you.

*It doesn’t crave acceptance to NOT accept in something.

*If you alone accept in a cast of religious nonsense afresh you can be saved.

Regarding Adoration & Miracles

*I prayed to God to never acknowledgment any adoration of abundance anytime again, and it worked, so acutely adoration works!

*If you adjure for what God has already absitively He doesn’t wish to happen, there’s no point in praying. If you adjure for what God has already absitively He does wish to appear afresh there’s no point in praying. In added words, if God has a adept / all-powerful plan and God is all-knowing, afresh adoration is useless. Praying is not traveling to change God’s all-knowing and bogus up mind.

Regarding Morality

*More bodies are benumbed in the Old Testament than in any bar in any city-limits in any country on any Friday / Saturday night!

*There are no moral absolutes. The animal acuteness is such that any about amiss / abhorrent act can be angry into a moral requirement, something that has to be done of call beneath these just-so circumstances.

*Some activity can be both moral and abandoned at the aforementioned time. If you annihilation anyone (not moral) in adjustment to save the lives of 1000 bodies (that’s moral) afresh you accept approved that there is no complete moral standard.

*Morality is just something we amount out and which can advance over time. Chastity is not imposed from on high.

*Anything a Accurate Believer can do that is moral, an agnostic can appropriately do but after application a angelic book as justification.

*Atheists tend to do the appropriate affair just because it’s the appropriate affair to do and not because of religion’s carrot-and-stick access apropos heaven and hell. That’s in actuality a added complete chastity because it’s appealing baby to behave able-bodied absolutely out of abhorrence of traveling to hell against the achievement of accepting into heaven.

*Religions do not own morality. Abounding bodies accept and do reside actual moral lives after religion, and you can too.

*If chastity comes from God, why do some Accurate Believers and associates of the bolt do abandoned acts (i.e. – priests and animal adolescent abuse)?

Regarding Heaven & Hell

*You tend not to affliction for your afterlife because you’re accepting affected to leave the affair while the affair itself goes on. On the added hand, if you die and afresh get an afterlife, you can’t anytime leave the party! (via Christopher Hitchens)

*Moral bodies invented the afterlife concepts of heaven (and equivalents) as able-bodied as hell (and equivalents). Why? Moral bodies anticipate that bodies who do acceptable things should be adored and that bad bodies should be punished. But in reality, in complete life, acceptable bodies don’t consistently get adored and bad bodies don’t consistently get punished. Therefore…

*If bodies accept or get an afterlife afresh there is no analytic altercation that prohibits any and all added non-human lifeforms from aswell administration in and accepting an afterlife.

*Not all religions accept a abstraction of hell, like Wicca, Taoism, the aboriginal Vedic religion, and the Baha’I faith. Aswell the Greek Hades and the Norse Hel aren’t agnate to the Christian adaptation of hell.

*If God created Hell, afresh God should forward Himself there, unless of advance God can absolution Himself!

*Is an afterlife paradise that is accepting in Heaven, accepting to abide for all aeon kissing God’s ass?

*Have you anytime absolutely heard a ancestor say that even admitting their admired adolescent has just died, they are blessed and admiring for their adolescent because they are now in Heaven with God? Not likely!

Regarding Prophecy

*Prophecies are not something that can be manipulated, contrarily they are absent and void.

*Since writers of what would about-face out to be the New Testament were accustomed with Old Testament scriptures, it’s not hasty afresh that if autograph their narratives they would absorb bogus passages that gave affidavit to these Old Testament passages, abnormally if it came to prophecies and abnormally prophecies about the advancing of a messiah.

*When it comes to a prophecy, even if it does appear to pass, the causal apparatus is still lacking.

*The Second Advancing (of Jesus) is a bootless prophecy. If it ain’t happened by now it ain’t traveling to happen, ever. I’ve cited afore the accepted verses accurate by Jesus himself that appropriate that the Second Advancing was due even afore the year 100 AD (or CE), but here’s addition one which suggests that some of those animate if this was accounting would attestant the Second Coming:

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 (King James Version)

16 For the Lord himself shall alight from heaven with a shout, with the articulation of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the asleep in Christ shall acceleration first:

17 Afresh we which are animate and abide shall be bent up calm with them in the clouds, to accommodated the Lord in the air: and so shall we anytime be with the Lord.

Regarding the End Times

*I’m still cat-and-mouse for above Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s End Times / Second Advancing to cycle around. Your Jesus is a “no show”. Perhaps you’d bigger accord Jesus a acceptable old Congressional delay and apprehend Jesus the anarchism act back he’s authoritative you attending very, actual silly.

*You absolutely do accept to adore all those End Times fanatics (like Michele Bachmann) who accumulate arch with their chins and admiration and re-predicting and re-re-predicting that the End Times are imminent, no amount how abounding times they accept been accurate amiss before. They accept acutely been accurate amiss apropos their antecedent predictions back the End Times hasn’t happened yet. 100% of End Times predictions accept failed.

Regarding the Afterlife

*If you accident one allotment of your academician assertive acoustic commonsense are lost. If you accident addition allotment of your academician assertive added commonsense are lost. But if you accident the absolute academician (as in causing death) all of your commonsense abide complete in your afterlife! Something is aberrant somewhere! (via Sam Harris)

*When I drag off of this bitter coil, and acquisition that I amiss and there in actuality is a God, and that if I’m in foreground of Him accepting allegedly judged, that at atomic He’d say “I adore your bluntness and your adeptness to anticipate for yourself”.

Share Your Faith With a Men’s Silver Cross Necklace for Black Friday

Why do some men adulation to abrasion their necklaces with a cross? These pieces are beat by men who are followers of Christianity. Apart from that, the wearers generally get a faculty of aegis from evil. These are aswell beat all throughout the apple by Christians as able-bodied as abounding non- Christians as a appearance accessory. Ornaments fabricated of admirable argent accept become absolutely accepted in contempo times.

Appeal of this arresting metal

Among the adored metals, admirable argent is the brightest. A all-inclusive majority of the humans adulation cutting men’ argent cantankerous chaplet compared to added kinds of metal because the dazzling, agleam attending is ambrosial to them. This active attending can alone be accomplished in this blazon of metal. Not just the amount of these articles has risen over the years, but they accept soared in acceptance too. This mineral is way cheaper than platinum, precious stones or gold. So this has provided ambit for new designers to carve out new pieces for affairs in today’s market. The access in acceptance of these metals has motivated accustomed designers to alpha application this as material.

Variety of designs

You can get a advanced arrangement of designs casting in this material. Men’s argent cantankerous chaplet is an absorbing section of jewelry. You can even present it to your ancestor as father’s day gift. In fact, a lot of of these necklaces are produced in such artistic address that it will grab the absorption of added humans about you. Irrespective of the attributes of the design, be it a crucifix aura or ring chaplet section you will be besmirched for choices. Nowadays they are accessible at abstruse flea markets and aswell in high-end stores. You can browse in fashion-forward sites to get authority of the latest trends.

Indicators of cachet in society

Crosses are beat as pendants in altered locations of the apple as indicators of their charge to Jesus. They are abeyant from the close down by a chain. Sometimes cords are aswell activated for this purpose. Pectoral crosses are beat by some Christians. They are an indicator that the wearer is a chief affiliate of the clergy. While the clergy and aggregation of Christian acceptance both abrasion crosses, there is a bright acumen amid the two types. The pectoral crucifix differs apropos its admeasurement and its placement. These crucifixes are beat in the centermost of the chest and not alone below the collarbones.

Power of jewelry

This adornment has the adequacy of sending signals about your charge to your faith. The moment you footfall alfresco humans will beam the ability in these altered collections. This will become a affair of chat for abounding humans in a accidental setup. Stainless animate has a aloof tone. So they do not prove to be too blatant like the gold ornaments. You can abrasion it calmly with any accouterments be it academic or casual. You can brace it off with both aphotic black clothes in the winter division and ablaze black clothes in the summer season. These metal pieces are abundantly abiding and can bear the altered levels of accent fabricated with time.